Brothers John & Jerry Fitzpatrick
John Fitzpatrick
Jerry Fitzpatrick
A graduate of Ohio Univerity 1980, with a BS Degree in Communication. After 35 years John has decided to create.
John has taken metal shaping course at Dagger Tool in Michigan and a sculpture course at the Columbus Idea Foundry
A graduate of Bowling Green State University 1978 with a BA Degree in Latin American Studies. Attended the  Hobart School of Welding Technology 1979. Worked in various shipyard and fabrication yards as a welder. Joined the Peace Corps and taught welding in Morocco. Spent a number of years in th DC area working as a carpenter, welder and plumber servicing boilers. Graduated from Century College in Minneasota with certificates in orthotics and prosthetics. Currently working with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a prosthetist in areas of conflict since 1996 in Africa and Asia. Since 2006 Jerry has been renovating a vintage "Cold War" missile base in Northern New York on his holidays. Jerry like his brother has decided to create  sculpture. Jerry has a studio with John in Columbus, Ohio. and is a member at the Columbus Idea Foundry.