John with clay sculpture
Jerry, African metal mask at Columbus Idea Foundry
Organising new studio space at 400 West Rich Street, Columbus, Ohio

John working on a clay sculpture at 400 West Rich Street
John's first plaster armature, 10/15
Jerry harvesting metal for his next project
John finished mask
John continues
John's next mask, just finished baking in the oven
Jerry working on his next sculpture, hanging totem pole
John working on wax sculpture for his bronze casting class
John and new creation
Jerry next to Johns new creation
Jerry in welding booth at Hobart School of Welding, Troy, Ohio
Jerry's next creation hanging totem pole
Studio February 07, 2016
Jerry hanging sculpture from I-beam at 400 Studio
New studio 211, view of downtown Columbus
Set up of art in new studio 211
new studio workshop 05/2016
new studio workshop 05/2016
new studio workshop 05/2016
new studio workshop 05/2016
Aluminum scultpure, planning next step
sanding aluminum with orbital sander
carving out tree stump with angle grinder with special chain saw wheel
attaching dragon fly to leaf man
new workshop
Jerry at EAA Oshkosh aircraft fabric course
Beefed up harbor freight english wheel
Shaping stump with mallets
new mask using repurposed metal cutting wheels
metal washers welded on to mannequin with metal vertabrae
fantasy bug out of diamond plate sheet metal & gold aluminum rods for legs
old tools welded on to mannequin
insect with diamond plate body & aluminum rod legs
diamod plate with hammered Ohio
Eastwood bead roller beefed up with plate steel, hand crank replaced with fabricated steel rod wheel.
mannequin torso with bent round stock rod. Harbor frieght tube bender used.
John at Dagger Tools metal shaping meet outside of Detroit.
Bi-valved helmut blanks that I purchased at a blacksmiths meet up
flexible pattern buck for motorcycle tank
John working on a new mask "The Big Kahuna" with some help from his cat.
Jerry new project rolled washer stamping coil
Jerry new project, carved marble ans stailess steel rolled sheets
November Gallery Hop sign board